Baptism at Argyle UMC


We are so excited you are interested in knowing more about Baptism at Argyle UMC. The Sacrament of Baptism, as understood by United Methodists, is an act that looks back with gratitude on what God’s grace has already accomplished, that is also fully present now, and looks forward to what God’s grace will accomplish in the future. Baptism anticipates a lifetime of further and deeper experiences of God, further acts of Christian commitment, and ministries in the world.

United Methodists recognize that persons of any age are suitable candidates for baptism because Christ’s body, the Church, is a great family that includes persons of all ages. The infant being presented for baptism and the adult seeking baptism have more in common, spiritually speaking, than may at first appear. God’s grace has taken the initiative and is already at work in the lives of both. We call this “prevenient grace.”  Both are making responses to God’s grace appropriate to their ages. Both need to grow in Christ within Christ’s family, the Church, and with the nurturing help of other Christians. Regardless of the age of the candidate, the Christian community responds in faith to God’s grace by claiming and incorporating this new member of Christ’s holy Church.  Those baptized before they are old enough to take the vows for themselves make their personal profession of faith in a service called confirmation.

To schedule your baptism, please fill out this form and a Pastor will be in touch with to continue your journey towards baptism. If you have any questions, contact Rev. Sarah Roberts at