Care Ministry

The Care Team at Argyle UMC is committed to providing care to our community through prayer, visitation, cards and encouragement. Interested in being part of our Care team? Use the menu below to see how you can transform the world one life at a time through your prayers, visits, and gifts.

You can contact our Care Coordinator, Mary Ellen Burum-Lowe with any additional questions using the button below.

Care Teams

+ Prayer Team

As covenant members at Argyle UMC, we have all made the vow to “uphold the ministries of this church with our prayers;” and not just our personal prayers and practice, but the discipline of intercessory prayer and the ways we surround our community with compassion and faith through prayer. Prayer is a powerful way to be in ministry together. We are invited to be part of each other’s most vulnerable moments and be authentic in our joy, sorrows, pain, fear and doubts.

Our Prayer Chain Ministry at Argyle UMC receives prayer concerns and celebrations of our community and congregation weekly and as needed. Though this intentional prayer and practice, the Prayer Team members enter into the life and faith of those we know and even those whom we don’t know.

Be part of the Prayer Chain Ministry through a covenant of confidentiality and support. To officially join the Prayer Team, complete the covenant and agree to these terms:

  • Commit to pray for these each week and as they come.
  • Commit to confidentially share in the concerns and celebrations of others.
  • Complete the confidentiality agreement below
  • Contact Mary Ellen Burum-Low if you would like a hard copy.

Join the Prayer Team

Online Prayer Request : Are you in need of prayer? Fill out our online prayer form so that our prayer team can pray for you.

+ Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry involves a prayer shawl that is gifted to individuals experiencing serious health concerns. The prayer shawl extends a tangible blessing and gifts of the healing prayers offered by the church family. Each shawl is dedicated in prayer and covered in loved for each recipient.

They meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month in Portable 3 at 10 am. Yarn is supplied and anyone who knits and/or crochets (or wants to learn) is welcome and encouraged to join this rewarding ministry. The Prayer Shawl Ministry make shawls that are prayed over and given to those who need the comfort and love of Christ.

Contact Ginny Rodgers for more information.

+ Baptism Quilters

Each baby that is baptized in our church recieves a precious quilt that a group of women and men make. They meet the first Monday of every month from 9:30-11:30 am in Portable 3.

Contact Marguerite Rose for more information.

+ Bereavement Ministry

For those who are planning a funeral or memorial service. As a part of Congregational Care, the Bereavement Ministry’s desire is to provide assistance, whether you are facing the death of a loved one or death comes unexpectedly. It is with this goal in mind that we have provided this information to ease the stress of a most stressful time. The information at the link below will provide guidelines as you plan to honor and celebrate the life of that special person.

Bereavement Ministry

+ Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers provide one-to-one Christian care to individuals facing life challenges. The role of a Stephen Minister is to listen and care, not to advise or give counsel, and to recognize when a person’s needs exceed what they can provide. Stephen Ministers maintain only one caring relationship at any given time and usually meet with their care receivers on a weekly basis. Confidentiality is preserved at all times by not discussing care receivers by name or by implication.

MISSION: Seeking and caring for the spiritually hurting.

VISION: To Seek the hurting, to Grow servants and Serve with the compassion of Christ.

VALUES: Glorify and Honor God– We are committed to making sure that God is the One who is praised for the work we are doing.

  1. Refuge for the Hurting:Through AUMC’s Stephen Ministry we want to provide hurting people compassion, care and Christ’s healing love by serving them through Stephen Ministers.

  2. Bare One Another’s Burdens:God wants us to love, encourage and care for one another and not allow anyone to suffer alone. Through Stephen Ministry we provide one-to-one care and encouragement.

  3. Lay Ministry: We value high-quality, distinctively Christian lay ministry and incorporate this at AUMC by equipping people through Stephen Ministry.

For more information, click the click the link below or contact Care Coordinator, Mary Ellen Burum-Lowe, or Stephen Leader, Brenda Nunneley.

In Need of Prayer or Care?

Prayer is the language of our hearts when our words fail to form. At Argyle UMC, we believe in the power of prayer and have a Prayer Team that prays over each request. Whether it is a joy or sadness, we want to pray for you. Please share your prayer requests by filling out a Prayer Request Card on Sunday morning (in the chair backs and bulletins) or submitting it using the button below. All requests are held in strict confidence.

Do you have an urgent need that requires the attention of a Pastor or Caregiver? Pastors and trained Caregivers are available to offer spiritual support during an emergency or in crisis. If you have a pastoral emergency, call the Pastoral Emergency Line and leave a detailed voice message or send a text message to our Pastoral Care Line at (940) 294-6334. Once a message is left, a pastor or caregiver will be notified immediately and return your call or text.

Family Care Givers : This is a great resource for people who are in need of information regarding caregiving.



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