Saturday nights at 5 pm

Click here to check out the Argyle Living article about Outpouring!

Click here to check out the Argyle Living article about Outpouring!

Are you looking for a new kind of faith community?

We have found that in our community, many of us have lifestyles that make it hard to regularly attend church on a Sunday morning. We needed the option to attend church on a Saturday. We needed an intimate worship experience where we could bring our families straight from a ballgame. We needed to become a part of something that is evolving. We needed to create space for those who work on the weekends. We needed a fresh start and through this service, our hope is that Outpouring is a place where people who cannot connect on a Sunday can find a church home. Our goal is that everyone who would come would feel welcome. Our intention is to offer the life-changing love of Christ on a Saturday night. 

What to expect: 

On Saturday evenings we come together with our full passion, intensity and creativity. We come together just as we are in a casual and intimate setting. We sing, we listen, we learn and grow. At Outpouring, you can expect great contemporary worship and to become a part of our small family; childcare for kids four and under; multiple generations participating; a casual and intimate environment where families worship together; and an outpouring of His Spirit. All are welcome! 

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