Circle of Friends Life Group

Heather and I joined the Circle of Friends Life Group about 2 years ago.  Before joining the Circle of Friends, there were limited Life Group options in our age group at the 9:30 time slot.  Our children were attending Sunday School at 9:30, while Heather and I were attending the 9:30 worship without them and an 11:00 am Life Group.  We felt like it was important for us to worship as a family.  For that reason, we choose the begin attending the Circle of Friends Life Group at 9:30 and the 11:00 am worship as a family.

Joining the Circle of Friends has enabled us to establish personal relationships and go deeper than the superficial passing conversations on the way in and out of worship.  The class has created a safe forum to be vulnerable, ask questions, and work through the details of what Christ has done in both of our lives.  Additionally, several of the men in the class have formed an accountability group that meets during the week for coffee.  We discuss life issues and practical ways to further the Kingdom as disciples of Christ.

If you attend AUMC and are not a part of a Life Group, consider stepping out of your comfort zone and joining a group.  

-Brad & Heather Cozart


This Life Group began over a year ago when a small group of couples decided they wanted to make a deeper connection and “do life” with each other. They are welcoming, fun, active adults in their late 30’s and up (parents of young children and some grandparents) who support each other, grow in their faith together, do missional work together and socialize together. They have open discussions on today’s issues and are respectful of each person’s ideas and opinions. They do book and video series studies on various topics. They meet once a month after the second service for lunch & have quarterly social gatherings that are child-friendly.