Journey Life Group

     Our Journey together began just a few months ago when several families joined together to form a brand new Life Group at Argyle. We are a group of some singles and some couples with the unique feature being that our ages cross the life span. And our faith journeys cross the spectrum from college degrees with an emphasis on religion to those who have been in a Christian walk all during their life but never studied the Bible in a group. We are loving our journey in Journey!

     We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in Portable #3. We plan to hold class in other locations when the weather permits but are happy inside in the air conditioned classroom. Our first study will end at the end of summer and it has been a comprehensive study from a book titled HOW TO READ THE BIBLE FOR ALL ITS WORTH. Our studies will continue with a book written by a friend of our class titled A GOSPEL OF A DIFFERENT COLOR, a study on the Book of John. We will be taking turns facilitating our class, utilizing the experiences of a high school teacher and those who love sharing the Word

     We enjoy hearing the exploits of young parents, the trials of young professionals with their work lives, the travels of grandparents and the joys and concerns of all of our members. We construct a prayer list each week and remember those who our class lifts up. Socials are planned around food….a nice Methodist tradition. We welcome any and all to come visit and pack light for your Journey.