Spiritual Journey by Ellen Gilgore


The Open Hearts’ class continues to be involved in the lives of our 4th graders by standing with them as they received their new Bibles on Sunday, September 10th. With this participation comes the commitment to serve by being mentors and examples in the lives of these children. Our class is doing this by taking turns teaching the Sunday morning Sunday school class of 4th graders about the Bible and its usage.

Recently, Open Hearts shared in a picnic/game event after the 11:00 service with families of the 4th graders and Open Hearts’ members in attendance. The BBQ was quite popular as was the game of pickle-ball! Due to strong winds, a net was set up indoors, but some of the older siblings and parents wanted an opportunity to play, so another net was set up on one of the two courts painted on our parking lot. This game was a tremendous hit enjoyed by all generations!

Getting to know these children and helping them to grow in their spiritual journey has been a real joy to the members of the Open Hearts class!

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