My Time at Mayberry Gardens by Kimberly Giese


I loved spending time at Mayberry Gardens nursing home and having fun with Ms. Betty Elizabeth. As soon as we chose our new friends, she was welcoming. From there, we talked about our love of bingo. We laughed and shared our thoughts about our unlucky (bingo) card. By the third round I had learned about her life, siblings, and thoughts on the world. 

Once we shouted “WE WON!” for bingo, she gave me her headband, which was her prize for winning, and we even got some more (another head band). We took some photos of us as twinsies. At the very end of the day when we were leaving she asked me if I was coming back next year and said she that she is going to teach me how to crochet. I told her I will for sure be back, and prepared for a crochet lesson. Mayberry Gardens and Ms. Betty Elizabeth strengthen my faith in Christ and my eyes on the world. 


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