Sharing a Table by Jennifer Tolin


Women’s ministry at Argyle UMC is committed to the spiritual development of every woman, no matter her age, in this community. From fellowship opportunities like an afternoon spring tea and Christmas BUNCO to opportunities to walk together with God through retreats and engaging speakers, Light Women’s ministry is a beacon of hope and joy in this congregation. They serve each day in their community and beyond. 

This year, the group wanted to embrace the intergenerational nature we have here, and encourage women in different stages of life. During our last sermon series, we talked about all of the ways that God’s people gathered around tables and food. A Supper Club seemed like a great place to begin. 

Sharon Montcalm eagerly volunteered her home as a place to host one of the small group Supper Clubs. With a tex-mex theme, the group of six women were welcomed into Sharon’s living room—knowing no one—and began to chat. A list of ice-breakers designed to help women to go deeper together faster was at the ready, but this group didn’t need it. There was an ease and comfort between members of the same faith family that would extend to many more meals to come. Sharon shares the experience best, “I love gathering with my Supper Club ladies!! We have the best time laughing and sharing life’s adventures across generations. I read recently that as Christians we all have a Paul and Timothy in our life when we share community with other believers; meaning the mentoring Paul shared with Timothy while establishing the church. And then the roles would reverse as Paul would learn from Timothy. These ladies are my Paul and Timothy.” 

May we all find our Paul and Timothy in our church family. If you’re interested in joining a Supper Club group, reach out to