A Christmas Prayer

He came that beautiful night in the form of a babe;

He lives today in the hearts that obey.

He knows your name and every little thought;

He loves you in a way that cannot be bought.

This gift of grace and love that lingers

Came wrapped in cloth with tiny fingers.

His presence that night brought far away men—

What a story it is and a way to begin!

It doesn’t stop there; it goes on, you see,

For Christ came and died just for you and me.

May your eyes be open to see the wondrous love

Of the Savior who was sent from heaven above.

May your ears be in tune to the beautiful sound

Of the voice of the Savior whose love abounds.

May your hearts receive hope that your Healer is here;

He has never left you and His presence is near.

May you know you are loved beyond any measure,

For Christ came that night because you are His treasure.

Good news and great joy, as the angels proclaimed,

The birth of the Christ child, in a manger he laid.

My hope and my prayer for you on this day—

May you see God’s love in a whole new way.

Kim Thomas

For the angel said to them, “Don’t’ be afraid, for look I proclaim to you the good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today a Savior, who is Messiah the Lord, was born for you in the city of David”. Luke 2:10-11

Welcome our new Director of Children's Ministry: Jennifer Tolin!

Hi y'all, I’m Jennifer.

I am…an extrovert, 8 on the enneagram (for those who follow that kind of thing), ESTJ (Myers-Briggs for those who follow that kind of thing) and a Texas girl. I like fried food with butter and lots of salt, and hot summer days in a pool.

I’m in ministry, a wife, a mom, a daughter and wish I could relive the days when all I did was dance. But, alas, I’m older and not a prima ballerina. Truth be told, I was never quite shaped to be one and had bad knees.

Eleven years ago this annoyingly cocky boy that I had known in high school took me on a date to see Bad News Bears (so romantic) and eat at Taco Bueno (I’m a picky eater and this would be a deal breaker in most cases). And somehow, here we are, doing life together as partners. Two kids, two houses, several career moves, a battle with cancer (his) and 11 hunting seasons later, I love him and I love my life.

There are other things I love too…

I love Jesus. I grew up in the church and firmly believe that my relationship with God has pulled me through all of life’s turns. More than loving God, I’m actually one who loves church. I’ve worked in the church on and off for over 15 years now. From childrens ministry at Highland Park United Methodist and First United Methodist Church of Plano to youth ministry at First United Methodist Church of Denton and most recently, Connectional Ministries at First United Methodist Church of Dallas.  I’m a United Methodist girl and when John Wesley says “no holiness but social holiness” it speaks to me. We find great holiness and a deeper relationship with God in our relationship with others.

Speaking of others…. I love my people. Actually, I just love people in general. Despite having Judgement as part of my Myers-Briggs makeup, I have worked hard in the years since I had my first child to open my heart to enjoy all types of people. The more different from me…the better. I love to learn about and experience God through others' gifts and talents.  I experience God through the people that God brings into my life and find myself more fulfilled with each new mom, friend, foe and family member that comes. I love to teach and speak about leadership, about God’s word and about parenting. Connection is one of the great joys that I find in each day.

I love being a mom to Cade and Case. In the world of ministry, we often get caught up in helping others along their discipleship pathway. I am very aware that at the top of my list is helping my tiny humans on their discipleship journey and truly am thankful for that gift in life.

I consider myself beyond blessed to be starting ministry with the families of Argyle United Methodist Church and cant wait to get to know each of you. Please stop by and say hello! 

Compassionate Disciples Seize the Day!

Compassionate Disciples Seize the Day!

Robin Williams in the movie Dead Poets Society was trying to inspire and move his students when he told them, “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world!!”

We have a legacy left for us by Christians who have gone before us? Some of them, because of their words and ideas changed our world. What would the people who are in heaven say to us if they could communicate with us? What if we could see from their perspective on how to do life here?

Meet our Youth Leadership!

Carla Hilburn

Director of Youth & Families

Carla Hilburn, her husband Daniel, and their two children, Dylan and London, have been an active part of the Argyle community since moving here in 2008. They started attending AUMC in 2009, and have been part of our church family ever since. Carla has served in many volunteer roles, including teaching Sunday School, sitting on the Children’s Council, directing VBS, serving on mission trips with the youth, and being a small group leader for high school students. It was her role as small group leader that lead to a life-changing opportunity for Carla. In August 2014, after a year of leading a small group, Carla was hired as a part-time assistant in the youth department. After growing in that position, she took on more hours and more responsibilities. And in 2015, served as Interim Youth Director to our students. She has spent the past year working as Associate Youth Director. Carla is thrilled to continue serving our Youth Program as our Director of Youth & Families and is looking forward to all that God has in store. 

Drew Tucker

Associate Director of Youth & Families

Drew Tucker has been serving on the youth ministry team here at Argyle United Methodist Church for three years. During this time, he has been a full-time student at the University of North Texas in Denton majoring in biology. He is a currently a senior and will be graduating in December. He is a former college Younglife leader from which he discerned his calling to ministry and passion for students to know Christ. As of March 13, 2016, he is engaged to the lovely Darla Wilson a recent graduate of the UNT rehabilitation majors department. Drew has plans to pursue a graduate level education in theology as he ministers to the families of Argyle United Methodist Church.