Work that Makes a Difference


Our High Schoolers sought out God’s call to serve by journeying to Lumberton, NC this summer and serving on a Hurricane Matthew relief team. 

The flooding from Hurricane Matthew left thousands homeless and our Argyle Youth worked hard to repair three homes to the point where families could move back in. 

One of our students, Michael Rigsby, felt really impacted by the work they were able to do there—work that really “made a difference for people.” Michael said that this mission trip really “got [him] out of his comfort zone” and gave him “an opportunity to serve in a place where [they] were really needed.” 

Our Argyle Youth were able to grow, serve, and bond together as they made a tangible impact for families in need. When we asked Michael what he would share with anyone seeking God’s call, he said “for me personally, through service, you can really show the message of God,” and our Youth are looking forward to continuing to share God’s love through service as they enter a new school year. 

All students are invited to participate in the incredible work that God is stirring in the hearts of our youth. You can find opportunities to engage with our Argyle Youth at or on Facebook at