Lenten Offering Impact and Celebration

You may know that here at Argyle UMC, our mission is to grow together as disciples, working with God, to transform the world one life at a time.  Over the last seven weeks of the Lenten season, we raised money each week to go to specific missions of our church, all with the intent to transform the world one life at a time.  As the Wired 4 Service team collected statistics on your generous contributions to these missions each week during Lent, we thought that it would be fun to share some other statistics.  Typically, we track donations and lives transformed...but what if we told you exactly how many grains of rice your donations contributed to?

Lenten Offering Infographic

Week 1 of Lenten Offerings provided a meal catered by Babe's for the first responders in our community.  In total, we fed 47 very hungry and very appreciative fire fighters, EMS, and police officers.  Did you know that 47 hungry first responders can tackle twenty three and a half pounds of mashed potatoes?!

Week 2 of Lenten Offerings provided college care packs for 70 of our church youth.  With our college students attending college from coast to coast, our college care packs traveled over 12,375 miles!

Week 3 of Lenten Offerings benefited the Shiloh and Argyle Food Banks in our community.  Over four thousand pounds of food were donated, which means we were able to feed over seven thousand meals to the hungry.

Week 4 of Lenten Offerings allowed Argyle UMC to host our annual dinner for the widows and widowers of our church.  Our youth helped to love on 39 of these sweet men and women.

Week 5 of Lenten Offerings will help thirty of our church youth attend mission trips this year.  We are estimating that this also equals approximately 150 "Are we there yet?' from the youth as they travel this summer.  Craig & Carla - does that sounds about right?

Week 6 of Lenten Offerings will provide transportation for 55 economically disadvantaged kids to attend UP Summer Camps at Argyle UMC.  The wheels on the bus will go round and round for 138 miles that week!  Through your generosity, we were also able to donate two bicycles to Borman Elementary to be presented to two students that achieve perfect attendance, which we know will bring endless hours of childhood joy.

Week 7 of Lenten Offerings will help Argyle UMC host Rise Against Hunger for our annual Worship Without Walls event.  Our goal is to provide 20,000 nutrient-rich meals that will feed approximately 700 families.  As we alluded to earlier, if your wondering how many grains of rice that is...don't worry, we did the math.  There are 48 grains of rice in one gram.  There are 200 grams of rice in one meal.  There are 9,600 grains of rice in one meal.  There are 192,000,000 grains of rice in 20,000 meals.  Come to Worship Without Walls on April 29 and help us package those 2 million grains of rice!

College Ministry as an Intergenerational Community

By Haley Feuerbacher,
Campus Minister at The Denton Wesley Foundation

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, student intern Katrina Krauss and I sat down to discuss the Denton Wesley Foundation's budget for the Shiloh food pantry ministry. We knew the statistics: nearly 60% of all college students face food insecurity, and Shiloh provides free groceries to several hundred students each month. But we also realized that we could not spend what we were used to putting into the food pantry. If we did not have the money in our budget to stock the food pantry, how would we help the hundreds of students who frequent Shiloh?

"This is God's ministry, not ours," we decided, "and God sees the need and will provide."

The very next day, a woman named Sue Herring walked into the Wesley.

"I was wondering how my husband and I and our church can help support your food pantry," said Sue, who had felt led to serve at Shiloh for months.

God does indeed provide.

Since then, Paul and Sue Herring of Argyle United Methodist Church have gathered 30 volunteers to cook and serve lunch to over 100 students on Thursdays and to staff the Shiloh Food Pantry. Each week, they collect donations, purchase additional food for the pantry, and help keep our property clean and organized. They greet students and give them tips on how to prepare certain foods or just general advice about adulting. This month, Argyle United Methodist Church has raised money and nearly 700 pounds of food for Shiloh Food Pantry, organized a work day to clean the Wesley, and put together a huge care package for our students!

Argyle's involvement in our college ministry represents an intentional move at the Denton Wesley Foundation to form intergenerational relationships and partnerships. We are striving to put our students into contact with those outside the campus community so that they can reciprocally use their gifts and experiences to enhance one another's lives and relationships with God.

In addition to Argyle's work with our students, we have also been blessed by people like Kent Carpenter of First United Methodist Church who is leading a Bible Study at the Wesley and like Clay Thurmond, Jonathan Perry, Chuck and Cynthia Rives, Russell Van Hoose, Beth Barnhouse, and Krystal Stroud who, with our students, have formed a group called Intersect. They gather twice a month to study the Bible and work for social justice with one another. Together, this intergenerational cohort has worked on initiatives such as DACA education, Denton Women's March, Title IX, and Take Back the Night. It is currently planning a #ChurchToo conference to help churches recognize, prevent, and address sexual misconduct.

Finally, the Denton Wesley Foundation is looking to connect with younger generations. We will be planning and hosting a Youth Worship Night at the Wesley for UMC youth groups in the area in April. Our students have much to give to and much to learn from these youth, and we are eager to form relationships with them.

Far from being just a ministry to college students, the Denton Wesley Foundation is a community in which many generations join together, passionate about each other's lives in Christ and compassionate towards one another. We call this a Com/Passionate Community, and we are thankful for those who make this possible.

UMCOR Mission Trip 2015

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief) is a non-profit organization committed to alleviate human suffering around the globe. UMCOR’s work includes programs and projects in disaster response, health, sustainable agriculture, food security, relief supplies, and more.

"It sounded like something exciting where I feel like I could make a difference." - Jennifer Sanders

In 2015, 22 members of Argyle UMC traveled to Baldwin, LA to work in the UMCOR Disaster Relief Depot there. This was our fourth trip to serve at this Depot. 

"The trip lived up to my expectations exceedingly well. It was so much better than I ever dreamed it would be." -Connie DuBois

Each morning on their trip, our members did a devotional on the bayou before they started their work day. They assembled school kits using bags that several ladies at our church made and had the opportunity to volunteer for other projects while they were there. 

"I had never done a mission trip before other than when I was a young child. I experienced a sense of being connected to methodists across the world... it's worldwide and Christians worldwide are doing this together and it was awesome." -Jennifer Sanders

Through their shared experience, this group formed a community within our church. 

"I experienced God everywhere, everyday. I could feel God; I just knew he was there. God was all through it and I wasn't ready to come home." -Connie DuBois

Reservations are now being reserved for UMCOR 2016. If you would like to join the team headed to Baldwin, LA in May 2016, contact Jane Kayler at janemkayler@hotmail.com


Mentoring Mission Moment

As we walked into Borman Elementary school this summer, the staff was already busy preparing for the new year. Teachers were preparing their classrooms; new parents were bringing their students to register. There was an air of excitement and anticipation of all the things this new year would bring. Principal Gonzalez graciously took the time out of his busy schedule at the start of a new year to tell us why mentoring is important and how Argyle UMC has made an impact on Borman's campus. 

Heather Cozart is a member of Argyle UMC and the coordinator for Fuel UP!, the summer lunch program at Denia Park (next door to Borman Elementary). This was her first year to head up this exciting and growing ministry, and she shares with us her passion for this mission. 

At Argyle UMC, or mission is to grow together as disciples, working with God, to transform the world one life at a time. This video shares just part of the story of how we share the love of God with Borman Elementary and our heart for people at this church.

Song: We Will All Be Changed, Seryn - itun.es/us/M3bxE?i=509353571

HS Mission Trip Summer 2015

This mission trip meant a lot to me because it was my last big event as a student in the Argyle UMC youth group. It also was important to me because I was able to go back to the place where I had my first experience with the youth group. The summer before my freshman year i was able to go on the mission trip to South Dakota and I worked on a Community Center. During this trip, I was able to go back and see that the work that we did four years ago was still intact. I had a lot of fun both on the trip to and from South Dakota and during the week at the work site and on the college campus. I made some great relationships while on the trip with other students, leaders, and children that I was able to hangout with throughout the week while on the worksite. I hope to continue my friendship with these people as I go on to college next semester. Through a relationship I formed with some of the neighborhood children I was able to talk to them about God and hopefully I made a positive impact on their lives. At the end of the week one of the boys, Jason, that I had become really close to gave me a note/drawing that made me truly understand the impact I had on their lives. The drawing said “I believe God” and had a picture of a cross surrounded by stained glass and he had drawn a picture of me, Kaylie Pool, and him with some of his siblings all sitting at a church. I will never forget him and his siblings and the impact that he had on my life. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to return to Rapid City because the trip brought me closer to God, helped me create new relationships, and was a great end to my time as a student of the Argyle UMC youth group.

HS Mission Trip Summer 2015

Mission trip is a very special week to me. Every summer, I look forward to spending a week with so many amazing people. My favorite part of the week would either be the worship that Jon leads every night or the friendships that are made throughout the week. Every time I go on a mission trip with Argyle UMC, I always end up growing closer to God because our church has such amazing leaders and student role models. I learned a lot on this mission trip—I learned how thankful people are for the work we do for them and I learned how blessed I am with the life I have. This past week meant a lot to me and I encourage other students to branch out of their comfort zone and try a mission trip at some point in their lives. 

HS Mission Trip Summer 2015

Mission trip this year was a huge success! It is always a pleasure serving in Rapid City with Mission Discovery but this trip in particular was extra special. That partly has to do with the fact that it was the last mission trip that I will ever be a student on! Mission trips to me mean an incredible way to serve those less fortunate. Jesus says in the book of Matthew that “whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters you did for me.” That is exactly what we do on our mission trips. Whether that be building houses, painting walls, running a vacation bible school, or even making a peanut butter and jelly, we are working for Jesus.  My favorite part of mission trip is always the worship. That kind of fellowship and feeling of the intense glory of our God can only be achieved when we are serving him! I have been on many mission trips throughout high school all teaching me many lessons, the most powerful of which is the importance to love. As mission discovery says: “to love is to serve.” Jesus commanded his disciples to love one another, it was his commandment and ultimately what he died for.

In Him,

Tanner Watson
John 15:13