Argyle Kids Growing by Danae Lay


It’s Sunday morning, 10:50am, and the first few kids are starting to make their way to the “Love” room. This room is used for a multitude of things including M.O.M.s group, Fast5, Staff Meetings, Care Team Meetings, etc. But every Sunday morning by 11:10am, this room is bursting at the seems with children ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade. As I make my way into the room, there are kids playing Legos, drawing on the dry erase board, playing the piano and catching up with friends. The room is loud and most people avoid walking across its threshold. Once you’re inside though, it’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of play, laughter, games, and storytelling. Over the past few months I’ve watched the number of these kids grow. They’re building relationships, helping to teach one another about God, and keeping us on our toes. By 12:10pm, things are winding down and almost all of our kids have cleared out. The room is quiet and sometimes in pieces, but as Sarah Hines and I clean up we often talk about how the day went. We talk about new friends, funny conversations and the kids who continue to impress us with their understanding of God. We are thankful for the kids and the chaos and the love that is bursting from the seems of that room. 

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The Christmas Spirit by Danae Lay


The Christmas season, through the eyes of a child, is nothing short of spectacular. Argyle UMC hosts it’s Breakfast in Bethlehem each December to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to welcome the community with open arms (and bacon).


During our celebration this year, we had more than 60 adult volunteers who gave their time, love, donations and skills to this event. These people helped to set up, run and tear down every tiny detail so that they could share the love of Jesus Christ with families within our church and community and to share with each person who joined us that day the story of how the Messiah was born. 

We also had over 40 youth volunteers during this event who got up early on a Saturday, dressed in costumes and gave their best performances so that our younger children could experience the Christmas story first hand!


These volunteers not only entertained and fed children for two hours on Saturday, but they showed them the wondrous and true meaning of Christmas. It is so exciting to witness the congregation of Argyle UMC is using it’s giftedness and working together to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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Shining for God by Danae Lay


We all have spiritual gifts. While it may take some of us longer to recognize, accept and use these gifts to glorify God, some of us, like Dorothy Pritts, learn and apply these gifts at a young age. Dorothy is a 5th grader at Argyle Intermediate and enjoys tennis, horseback riding and using her artist skills whenever possible. Dorothy with her father Jeff, her mother Marci and older brother Wayne started their “Try 5” at Argyle UMC in June of this year. Dorothy and I met in August when our Fast5 started back up on Wednesday nights. I discovered early on that she had a servant’s heart.

Wednesday nights with our Fast5 are just that, fast. Those nights are fast, noisy and fun, but they are also a great starting point for our youth to start discovering truths about God and what their role is in God’s family. It only took a week or so for myself and the other adult leaders to realize that Dorothy has a servant’s heart and she is not afraid to use it. Dorothy loves to lead her peers in our discussions on Wednesday nights. She is also always willing to set up before a class and clean up after everyone has gone home. While she is always willing and does these things with a smile on her face, she did admit to me that she does not always like to do chores at home. On Sunday mornings at our 11am Sunday School hour she is usually only one of two or three 5th graders and regularly helps check children in and lead our small groups. In fact, she casually asked what I was doing behind the computer one Sunday and when I told her I was checking children in she immediately asked how she could help. 

Dorothy’s love for God shines through in everything that she does. While I’m sad that this will be her last year with our children’s ministry, I am elated that she will have Carla Hilburn, our Middle School Youth Director, and Craig Lay, our Senior High Youth Director, to mentor and help her grow in her faith. Whether she chooses to become a teacher or an artist or an animal rescuer I know that she will fill the world with God’s love through her servant’s heart. 

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Spiritual Journey by Ellen Gilgore


The Open Hearts’ class continues to be involved in the lives of our 4th graders by standing with them as they received their new Bibles on Sunday, September 10th. With this participation comes the commitment to serve by being mentors and examples in the lives of these children. Our class is doing this by taking turns teaching the Sunday morning Sunday school class of 4th graders about the Bible and its usage.

Recently, Open Hearts shared in a picnic/game event after the 11:00 service with families of the 4th graders and Open Hearts’ members in attendance. The BBQ was quite popular as was the game of pickle-ball! Due to strong winds, a net was set up indoors, but some of the older siblings and parents wanted an opportunity to play, so another net was set up on one of the two courts painted on our parking lot. This game was a tremendous hit enjoyed by all generations!

Getting to know these children and helping them to grow in their spiritual journey has been a real joy to the members of the Open Hearts class!

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A Symbol of Grace

“Let the little children come to me…for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs” —Mark 10:14


It is always such a joyful occasion when we proclaim God’s love for the children entrusted to our care at Argyle UMC through their baptism. When children are baptized, it is an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of their journey and the miraculous truth that God’s grace is at work in their lives from the very start. Recently, we were thrilled to celebrate the baptism of two children in our church, Sydney and Alexa Davis, sisters who were baptized together.  

Sydney and Alexa’s mom, Stefanie, said “we chose to have the girls baptized at AUMC as an outward showing of our family’s commitment to raising them in a God-centered manner.” For Sydney and Alexa, the journey begins in the nurturing community of this church, where they will both learn what it means that God loves them. Just as the Davis family and close friends surrounded the girls in this important moment, our church got to respond in love by committing to loving these girls and to offer them a home and support as they grow up. 


Stefanie said “our hope is that our girls will grow up to truly know God’s love for them and to realize what a truly special place AUMC is. We pray that they will continue to embrace the wonderful people that make up their church family and become active members of the AUMC family in their own way as they grow in their spiritual walk…Sydney and Alexa being baptized together is a bond between the two them that we will never forget.”

The Davis Family’s story is such a beautiful example of how God’s love is at work in the lives of our children. Just as Stefanie said, this beautiful moment “symbolizes that God’s grace is at work in their lives before they are even fully aware of it.” 

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Praying for our Schools

We know that prayer is powerful and transformative, and throughout August, several Argyle UMC families and church members answered God’s call for our church to transform the world one life at a time by engaging in a prayer walk for the schools in our communities. We prayed for the staff, teachers, and students—for their protection, growth, and for God’s love to shine brightly and offer hope on each campus. 

Small Acts Can Make a BIG Impact—VBS 2017

At Vacation Bible School this summer, our Argyle Kids learned that God’s heroes have power, hope, wisdom, and courage—and that each of us has a super-calling in God’s kingdom. 

One young lady in particular, Ella Stoops, found transformation through serving in her Stepping Out 5th grade mission group. Ella and her friends answered God’s call to love the widow, the orphan, and the stranger by stepping out into our community and caring for a local widow’s garden. According to Ella, “people always said that missions always made them feel really good, but I didn’t think much of it until I actually did it.” Even though she had grown up hearing that serving others is good, this was the first time she experienced her “heart being warmed” by sharing God’s love with a stranger. 

Ella learned that even the small act of caring for someone’s garden can make a “huge impact” in God’s kingdom by transforming the hearts of all involved. 

Parents, at Argyle UMC we invite your kids to join us in our mission to transform the world one life at a time by participating in meaningful opportunities tailored specifically for them. You can always find upcoming opportunities at or learn more about what we’re up to by liking us on Facebook at

Intergenerational Valentine's Dinner with our Widows and Widowers

Each year around Valentine's Day, we've hosted a special dinner for our Widows and Widowers. This year, we hoped to make it even more special by inviting new groups to be our hosts--our very own Argyle Kids and Argyle Youth! On Wednesday, February 15, our FAST 5 5th graders and our STUWO middle schoolers threw the best Valentine's party Argyle has ever seen for our Widows and Widowers! We broke bread intergenerationally and had a blast getting to know each other over a delicious Italian dinner catered by Salerno's. A big thanks to all the kids and youth who hosted this event, and to the staff at Salerno's Italian Restaurant in Flower Mound for catering the incredible meal! 

The Sweetest Moment

This Sunday, we experienced a sweet and powerful moment at our 9:30 service as one of our kids accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior! Below is the story from his mom, Christy:

Ok, so when it comes to my boys, tears can easily well in my eyes from certain unexpected acts! Today as our church service was coming to an end, we began our Tithe and Offering part of the service. During this time, the prayer altar is opened for anyone who wants to go pray.
Before I knew what was happening, Walker, my 7-year-old, headed to the altar. He was up there for a while speaking and praying with one of the amazing women in our church.
When church was over, she approached me to let me know that my son accepted Christ into his heart while he was up there. He told her he wanted to be a light to others with Jesus living is his heart!
Y'all....I could barely hold it together. My heart melted and my eyes instantly filled with tears! What a way to end this amazing Thanksgiving weekend and begin the season of Advent! Praising God for his love, presence and how He moves in my life and the lives of my children!!! Jesus lives in all of us and there is no doubt in my mind, Walker will proudly wear the light of Jesus to love others!
God is SOOOO Good, ALL THE TIME!!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Welcome our new Director of Children's Ministry: Jennifer Tolin!

Hi y'all, I’m Jennifer.

I am…an extrovert, 8 on the enneagram (for those who follow that kind of thing), ESTJ (Myers-Briggs for those who follow that kind of thing) and a Texas girl. I like fried food with butter and lots of salt, and hot summer days in a pool.

I’m in ministry, a wife, a mom, a daughter and wish I could relive the days when all I did was dance. But, alas, I’m older and not a prima ballerina. Truth be told, I was never quite shaped to be one and had bad knees.

Eleven years ago this annoyingly cocky boy that I had known in high school took me on a date to see Bad News Bears (so romantic) and eat at Taco Bueno (I’m a picky eater and this would be a deal breaker in most cases). And somehow, here we are, doing life together as partners. Two kids, two houses, several career moves, a battle with cancer (his) and 11 hunting seasons later, I love him and I love my life.

There are other things I love too…

I love Jesus. I grew up in the church and firmly believe that my relationship with God has pulled me through all of life’s turns. More than loving God, I’m actually one who loves church. I’ve worked in the church on and off for over 15 years now. From childrens ministry at Highland Park United Methodist and First United Methodist Church of Plano to youth ministry at First United Methodist Church of Denton and most recently, Connectional Ministries at First United Methodist Church of Dallas.  I’m a United Methodist girl and when John Wesley says “no holiness but social holiness” it speaks to me. We find great holiness and a deeper relationship with God in our relationship with others.

Speaking of others…. I love my people. Actually, I just love people in general. Despite having Judgement as part of my Myers-Briggs makeup, I have worked hard in the years since I had my first child to open my heart to enjoy all types of people. The more different from me…the better. I love to learn about and experience God through others' gifts and talents.  I experience God through the people that God brings into my life and find myself more fulfilled with each new mom, friend, foe and family member that comes. I love to teach and speak about leadership, about God’s word and about parenting. Connection is one of the great joys that I find in each day.

I love being a mom to Cade and Case. In the world of ministry, we often get caught up in helping others along their discipleship pathway. I am very aware that at the top of my list is helping my tiny humans on their discipleship journey and truly am thankful for that gift in life.

I consider myself beyond blessed to be starting ministry with the families of Argyle United Methodist Church and cant wait to get to know each of you. Please stop by and say hello!