Life Groups

Confirmation by Dylan Hilburn


My name is Dylan Hilburn and I ‘m going through Confirmation this year. To me, Confirmation is one of the biggest events in my life because I am confirming my belief in Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. I also get a name tag and get to join the church! 

As part of confirmation, every kid got a mentor. Mine was Mr. Pete. I’ve enjoyed spending time with him. He came to our house for dinner and we went to their club house for lunch. We’ve discussed many things that I’ve learned in confirmation. I like being able to talk about what I’m learning with him. I feel like me and Mr. Pete are going to be friends even after I’m confirmed. 

I have learned so much about the Methodist Church and the people that founded it. In Confirmation class, we have covered some pretty deep topics. Some of them were Salvation, Life after death, History of the church, our beliefs, and so much more. This was important to me because it helped me understand my faith on a deeper level. In a couple of weeks, I will make a big step in my journey with God by getting baptized and confirmed.


Sharing a Table by Jennifer Tolin


Women’s ministry at Argyle UMC is committed to the spiritual development of every woman, no matter her age, in this community. From fellowship opportunities like an afternoon spring tea and Christmas BUNCO to opportunities to walk together with God through retreats and engaging speakers, Light Women’s ministry is a beacon of hope and joy in this congregation. They serve each day in their community and beyond. 

This year, the group wanted to embrace the intergenerational nature we have here, and encourage women in different stages of life. During our last sermon series, we talked about all of the ways that God’s people gathered around tables and food. A Supper Club seemed like a great place to begin. 

Sharon Montcalm eagerly volunteered her home as a place to host one of the small group Supper Clubs. With a tex-mex theme, the group of six women were welcomed into Sharon’s living room—knowing no one—and began to chat. A list of ice-breakers designed to help women to go deeper together faster was at the ready, but this group didn’t need it. There was an ease and comfort between members of the same faith family that would extend to many more meals to come. Sharon shares the experience best, “I love gathering with my Supper Club ladies!! We have the best time laughing and sharing life’s adventures across generations. I read recently that as Christians we all have a Paul and Timothy in our life when we share community with other believers; meaning the mentoring Paul shared with Timothy while establishing the church. And then the roles would reverse as Paul would learn from Timothy. These ladies are my Paul and Timothy.” 

May we all find our Paul and Timothy in our church family. If you’re interested in joining a Supper Club group, reach out to

Connecting with our Neighbors


When Danae Lay moved here to Texas from Virginia with her husband, Craig, and three kids, she went from having a consistent, solid community to feeling alone and unsure how to connect with other moms in this new place. 

When she started coming to Argyle UMC, she met another mom, Megan Reynolds, and together, they realized that they were seeking deeper connection with moms in our community. They faithfully answered God’s call to partner and form a group for moms—not knowing what the outcome would be. 

This summer, Danae and Megan started Argyle M.O.M.s (Moms on Monday); after their first meeting, Danae said “much to our surprise, there were 20+ moms who were also searching for connection and fellowship right here in our community”—they were not alone. 

Now that the group has been meeting consistently every week, Danae said that “the last couple of months have been wonderful and fulfilling for [her]” and that she “loves that [their] group openly shares the joys and struggles of motherhood” and that they “have been supporting each other since day one.” 

Currently, the Argyle M.O.M.s group is gathering every Monday to study, getting together during the week for Mom’s Nights Out, and planning a Back to School Party to celebrate their new friendships and invite more moms who may be searching for a deeper connection with God in community. If this is you, engage with this welcoming group by liking them on Facebook—just search for Argyle UMC M.O.M.s.

Cultivate Life Group

Our names are Bret and Dianne Lane, we joined Cultivate pretty much at the beginning in 2015.

We were not really sure what we were looking for, but knew we wanted to be more involved in Argyle UMC and meet people around our age that we could connect with. What we found were different people with different backgrounds brought together by faith. It is nice to be able to share and grow your faith with a diverse group of people. We have enjoyed not only growing in our faith with the different topics and bible studies that we have done, but also have enjoyed getting to know the members of Cultivate with various different social activities such as a crawfish boil and attending a performance of The Nutcracker in which one of the members had a role.

We hope as we grow our faith and our family that Cultivate will continue to be a place where we can come to be grounded in God’s word and apply it in our everyday lives as well as continue to meet new people and grow friendships we know will always be special to us.

Cultivate was formed in Fall 2015 to fill the desires of adults in their mid-20's to 30's to have a Life Group that they could call their own. Within this Life Group, we wanted to create a space in which we would "cultivate" our own relationship with Jesus, as well as serve others in need.  Cultivate welcomes those who are married or unmarried, have kids or do not have kids; we support each other in this stage of life with fellowship and social activities outside of class in addition to our regular meeting on Sundays at 11am. Our Life Group incorporates multimedia presentations and discussion about the challenges that Christians face, such as prayer, discipleship, and service. We invite you to come "grow" with us!

Journey Life Group

     Our Journey together began just a few months ago when several families joined together to form a brand new Life Group at Argyle. We are a group of some singles and some couples with the unique feature being that our ages cross the life span. And our faith journeys cross the spectrum from college degrees with an emphasis on religion to those who have been in a Christian walk all during their life but never studied the Bible in a group. We are loving our journey in Journey!

     We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in Portable #3. We plan to hold class in other locations when the weather permits but are happy inside in the air conditioned classroom. Our first study will end at the end of summer and it has been a comprehensive study from a book titled HOW TO READ THE BIBLE FOR ALL ITS WORTH. Our studies will continue with a book written by a friend of our class titled A GOSPEL OF A DIFFERENT COLOR, a study on the Book of John. We will be taking turns facilitating our class, utilizing the experiences of a high school teacher and those who love sharing the Word

     We enjoy hearing the exploits of young parents, the trials of young professionals with their work lives, the travels of grandparents and the joys and concerns of all of our members. We construct a prayer list each week and remember those who our class lifts up. Socials are planned around food….a nice Methodist tradition. We welcome any and all to come visit and pack light for your Journey.

Circle of Friends Life Group

Circle of Friends Life Group

Joining the Circle of Friends has enabled us to establish personal relationships and go deeper than the superficial passing conversations on the way in and out of worship.  The class has created a safe forum to be vulnerable, ask questions, and work through the details of what Christ has done in both of our lives.  Additionally, several of the men in the class have formed an accountability group that meets during the week for coffee.  We discuss life issues and practical ways to further the Kingdom as disciples of Christ.