Run for Your Sons


Run for Your Sons is a community event to help raise awareness for Duchenne and funds to help find a cure. We have two boys in the Argyle community who have Duchenne’s disease, which is crazy because the disease is pretty rare! Corbin Fanning, who is in 8th grade and part of our AY family, is one of those boys; the other is Michael Hope. 


This year, we put together a team of 18 students and parents who ran either 1 mile or a 5k for this awesome cause. I asked several of our students why the signed up to participate in Run for Your Sons, and many of them said “to support Corbin Fanning.” 

One of our students, Ann Shannon, said that she “likes running and wanted to help find a cure for Duchenne.” Ann also agreed with me that it was really cool to be out in the community together, as a youth group, supporting one of our own. 

I asked another one of our students, Parker, what that day meant for us as a youth group. He said, “It meant that we stuck together and that we can do anything. It was awesome to be out here together and cheering each other on.”

Our goal in participating in Run for Your Sons was to support Corbin and let him know how much his AY family loves him, and I think we did just that. It was amazing to see so many students and their parents join together to support Corbin and our community.

All students are invited to participate in the incredible work that God is stirring in the hearts of our youth. You can find opportunities to engage with our Argyle Youth at or on Facebook at

Spiritual Journey by Ellen Gilgore


The Open Hearts’ class continues to be involved in the lives of our 4th graders by standing with them as they received their new Bibles on Sunday, September 10th. With this participation comes the commitment to serve by being mentors and examples in the lives of these children. Our class is doing this by taking turns teaching the Sunday morning Sunday school class of 4th graders about the Bible and its usage.

Recently, Open Hearts shared in a picnic/game event after the 11:00 service with families of the 4th graders and Open Hearts’ members in attendance. The BBQ was quite popular as was the game of pickle-ball! Due to strong winds, a net was set up indoors, but some of the older siblings and parents wanted an opportunity to play, so another net was set up on one of the two courts painted on our parking lot. This game was a tremendous hit enjoyed by all generations!

Getting to know these children and helping them to grow in their spiritual journey has been a real joy to the members of the Open Hearts class!

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A Symbol of Grace

“Let the little children come to me…for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs” —Mark 10:14


It is always such a joyful occasion when we proclaim God’s love for the children entrusted to our care at Argyle UMC through their baptism. When children are baptized, it is an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of their journey and the miraculous truth that God’s grace is at work in their lives from the very start. Recently, we were thrilled to celebrate the baptism of two children in our church, Sydney and Alexa Davis, sisters who were baptized together.  

Sydney and Alexa’s mom, Stefanie, said “we chose to have the girls baptized at AUMC as an outward showing of our family’s commitment to raising them in a God-centered manner.” For Sydney and Alexa, the journey begins in the nurturing community of this church, where they will both learn what it means that God loves them. Just as the Davis family and close friends surrounded the girls in this important moment, our church got to respond in love by committing to loving these girls and to offer them a home and support as they grow up. 


Stefanie said “our hope is that our girls will grow up to truly know God’s love for them and to realize what a truly special place AUMC is. We pray that they will continue to embrace the wonderful people that make up their church family and become active members of the AUMC family in their own way as they grow in their spiritual walk…Sydney and Alexa being baptized together is a bond between the two them that we will never forget.”

The Davis Family’s story is such a beautiful example of how God’s love is at work in the lives of our children. Just as Stefanie said, this beautiful moment “symbolizes that God’s grace is at work in their lives before they are even fully aware of it.” 

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Putting Christ First


This August, our Middle Schoolers made their annual trip to Goodland Academy in Hugo, OK where they served by getting the grounds ready for the new school year. Goodland Academy has been helping students achieve success since 1848, and their goal is to educate students to read, write, and to think critically and biblically in a community environment. 


Our youth worked on the playground and facilities, as well as on other projects—and had a blast while doing it! One of our 7th grade students, Kamden Roberts, had a great time “playing basketball with [his] friends and laughing at Carla’s jokes” and an even greater time meeting our guest worship leader, Wes Pickering, and bringing that music home to his family. He also “learned something new each day” during small group time connecting with all of his peers. When we asked Kamden to tell us why this mission trip was important to him, he said “the main reason why this experience was so special to me was because I rededicated my life to Christ. I want to put Christ first in my life and it makes me happy to say that and to try my best to live like Christ.” 


It is so encouraging to see our young people excited about God’s work in their lives and in our world! Our Argyle Youth are looking forward to more opportunities to live into our mission to transform the world one life at a time, and as Kamden said, “Goodland Academy was awesome and I can’t wait to go back next year.” 

All students are invited to participate in the incredible work that God is stirring in the hearts of our youth. You can find opportunities to engage with our Argyle Youth or on Facebook at

Connecting with our Neighbors


When Danae Lay moved here to Texas from Virginia with her husband, Craig, and three kids, she went from having a consistent, solid community to feeling alone and unsure how to connect with other moms in this new place. 

When she started coming to Argyle UMC, she met another mom, Megan Reynolds, and together, they realized that they were seeking deeper connection with moms in our community. They faithfully answered God’s call to partner and form a group for moms—not knowing what the outcome would be. 

This summer, Danae and Megan started Argyle M.O.M.s (Moms on Monday); after their first meeting, Danae said “much to our surprise, there were 20+ moms who were also searching for connection and fellowship right here in our community”—they were not alone. 

Now that the group has been meeting consistently every week, Danae said that “the last couple of months have been wonderful and fulfilling for [her]” and that she “loves that [their] group openly shares the joys and struggles of motherhood” and that they “have been supporting each other since day one.” 

Currently, the Argyle M.O.M.s group is gathering every Monday to study, getting together during the week for Mom’s Nights Out, and planning a Back to School Party to celebrate their new friendships and invite more moms who may be searching for a deeper connection with God in community. If this is you, engage with this welcoming group by liking them on Facebook—just search for Argyle UMC M.O.M.s.

Work that Makes a Difference


Our High Schoolers sought out God’s call to serve by journeying to Lumberton, NC this summer and serving on a Hurricane Matthew relief team. 

The flooding from Hurricane Matthew left thousands homeless and our Argyle Youth worked hard to repair three homes to the point where families could move back in. 

One of our students, Michael Rigsby, felt really impacted by the work they were able to do there—work that really “made a difference for people.” Michael said that this mission trip really “got [him] out of his comfort zone” and gave him “an opportunity to serve in a place where [they] were really needed.” 

Our Argyle Youth were able to grow, serve, and bond together as they made a tangible impact for families in need. When we asked Michael what he would share with anyone seeking God’s call, he said “for me personally, through service, you can really show the message of God,” and our Youth are looking forward to continuing to share God’s love through service as they enter a new school year. 

All students are invited to participate in the incredible work that God is stirring in the hearts of our youth. You can find opportunities to engage with our Argyle Youth at or on Facebook at

Praying for our Schools

We know that prayer is powerful and transformative, and throughout August, several Argyle UMC families and church members answered God’s call for our church to transform the world one life at a time by engaging in a prayer walk for the schools in our communities. We prayed for the staff, teachers, and students—for their protection, growth, and for God’s love to shine brightly and offer hope on each campus. 

Small Acts Can Make a BIG Impact—VBS 2017

At Vacation Bible School this summer, our Argyle Kids learned that God’s heroes have power, hope, wisdom, and courage—and that each of us has a super-calling in God’s kingdom. 

One young lady in particular, Ella Stoops, found transformation through serving in her Stepping Out 5th grade mission group. Ella and her friends answered God’s call to love the widow, the orphan, and the stranger by stepping out into our community and caring for a local widow’s garden. According to Ella, “people always said that missions always made them feel really good, but I didn’t think much of it until I actually did it.” Even though she had grown up hearing that serving others is good, this was the first time she experienced her “heart being warmed” by sharing God’s love with a stranger. 

Ella learned that even the small act of caring for someone’s garden can make a “huge impact” in God’s kingdom by transforming the hearts of all involved. 

Parents, at Argyle UMC we invite your kids to join us in our mission to transform the world one life at a time by participating in meaningful opportunities tailored specifically for them. You can always find upcoming opportunities at or learn more about what we’re up to by liking us on Facebook at

Worship Without Walls 2017

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for Worship Without Walls 2017! Here are some of the ways God moved in you to transform our community, one ife at a time:

  • 383 Servants Participated
  • 1,996 total Volunteer Hours for the WOW Weekend
  • 14 Opportunities to Serve
  • 21,384 Meals Packed for Rise Against Hunger
  • 20 Kits and 150 Bags for Pads for Purpose
  • 48 Memory Books for Children at Team UP Camp
  • 63 lives saved with Blood Donations 
  • 43 First-time Servants
  • 5 new families jumped in to serve and worship

It was an amazing weekend and we loved seeing God at work in you and in our community!

Journey to Hope: Sarah's Story

We're on a Journey to Hope at Argyle United Methodist Church. When Sarah turned to Christ in a time of crisis, she found hope. When Sarah harnessed that hope she was able to share Christ's love with others in her life. Are you ready for a season of personal transformation in your life? Join us Sunday morning at 8:15, 9:30 and 11am to travel a Journey to Hope with us. — at Argyle United Methodist Church.