9:30 am

Genesis — Portable 6

Genesis class is made up of mostly adults, both single and married in the age range of 40’s to 60’s.  All are welcome, come join us! For more information, please contact John Staley at jstaley@staleysteel.com


The Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors Class meets in Portable 4 and is made up of couples and singles age 55+. This class is intended to help develop a Biblical basis for abundant life in Christ that is relevant to us and the world around us. Grace is the foundation for discovering the meaning of the Gospel. The warm, caring, inviting and (sometimes) mature class is involved in the ministries of the church and community. For more information please contact Lorrie Sandel at lorrie@grandecom.net.


All women of all ages are welcome to join! Bring your bible. Meets in portable 1. For more information, call Paulene Lee, 940-464-2934.

JOurney of friends — Portable 5 starting january 8

Bringing generations of God's people together to apply His Word to lives at every stage. This is an intergenerational group ready to begin their journey of faith. We want to grow in our faith while enjoying the fellowship of friends. Come grow with us! People of all ages are welcome. Contact Joelle Zavzavadjian at jzavzav@yahoo.com


11:00 am


Blended families are uniquely created with children from previous marriages. They come together in love and sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s challenging. This class will study God’s word together, share life experiences and enjoy fellowship with one another all while living in a blended family atmosphere. Facilitated by Mary Ellen Burum & Carter Low, maryellen@argyleumc.org.

Footprints — Portable 4

This 30′s something adult class studies curriculum relevant to current events. We will meet on campus the first and second Sunday each month in portable 4, serve on campus the third Sunday and meet off campus the fourth Sunday for Family Ministry together. Come join us as we gather for various social activities. To learn more about Footprints and to get a calendar of where we meet each week, contact Jennifer Lillis at jennifer@lillis4.com or Kelly Hawkins at kellydhawkins05@gmail.com.

Real Life — Portable 1 

This Sunday School class includes adults of all stages in life. For more information, please contact Larry Chiles at Larry@larrychiles.com.


The portables are located right past the main church building in the back of the parking lot.
We look forward to meeting you!