Welcome to Argyle United Methodist Church.

We’re glad that you’ve chosen to celebrate God’s presence in your life by seeking to learn more about the ministries of our church. As a congregation, we are here to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world by sharing God’s love, joy, peace and mercy.

Because we believe that every Christian is ordained to ministry through his or her baptism, it is our goal to enable each person to better understand and fulfill God’s purposes in life. Accordingly, God gives each of us specific spiritual gifts for sharing in ministry and for the building up of the body of Christ.

I invite you to use the information in this website to find your home in one of our small group ministries or Sunday School classes.
Again, thanks for finding us. May God’s peace and joy be yours in your faith journey.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Chris


Our vision

Then Jesus said to Simon, "Don't be afraid; from now on you will fish for people."
-Luke 5:10b

We believe in inviting people to come follow Jesus with us!

Our Mission

To grow together as disciples, working with God, to transform the world one life at a time.

OUR Attributes


Vision Strategy

BRING: We believe in not only inviting people to join us, but bringing them alongside us to do authentic life with them.

GROW: We believe that we are called to grow as disciples of God through prayer, study, and fellowship.

SEND: We believe in the impact of going out into the community and into the world to do God's work.

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Worship Services

8:15 Sunday Chapel Service

Chapel is a quieter service where we worship only with piano and hymnals. 

9:30 Sunday Modern Worship

Our service with a full band and contemporary worship music.

11:00 Sunday Traditional Worship

Our service with choral performances from the chancel choir and more traditional liturgy. 


Welcome. We're glad you're here.

  • STARTING POINT: Getting connected into a new church or taking one step closer into getting involved can be daunting. Starting Point is a casual, no-pressure time to hang out with Pastor Sarah, as well as other pastors and staff, to get to know a little more about Argyle UMC and to ask any questions that are important for you in finding a church home. Check argyleumc.org/events for upcoming opportunities. 
  • CONNECTION CENTER: Please stop at the Connection Center, located on the right side of the church foyer, before you enter the sanctuary to pick up additional information about church activities. 
  • CHILDREN: If you have nursery-aged children (4 and under), you may check them in at the nursery located directly on the left when you walk into the main building, past the main office. For children in Pre-K—4th grade, Sunday School is available at the 9:30 service and JAM (Jesus and Me) is available at the 11:00 service. Check-in stations are located in the children & youth foyer (through the double doors south of the main lobby). For children in 5th grade, FAST 5 is available during the 9:30 service in Room 109. For more information, visit our Children's Ministry Sunday Morning page.
  • PARKING: The eight parking spaces closest to the front door are reserved for first time visitors. Reserved handicap parking is directly beyond the portico on the right. 
  • If you have any questions, please call the church office at 940-464-1333 or send an email to or Associate Pastor for Community and Engagement, Rev. Sarah Roberts, sarah@argyleumc.org.

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The History of Argyle United Methodist Church

The First Hundred Years

The settlement of Argyle was developed in the Eastern Cross Timbers area of Texas, a thin wedge of dense growing trees that stretched from Waco north to the Red River. The first settlers arrived about 1850. By l867, 14 families were living in what was called the Peters Colony development which predated the town. Peters was the name of the development corporation which brought new settlers into the region. Settlers did not pay cash for their land, but were required to live on the land three years, cultivate 10 to 15 acres, have their land surveyed and plainly marked, and build a good and comfortable cabin.

Between 1880 and 1882, Texas and Pacific Railroad laid track from Aubrey through Denton and Roanoke on to Fort Worth. On October 17, 1881, Argyle officially became a town, organized to serve the railroad. The depot and settlement houses were built on West Front Street, just opposite Denton Street. A large portion of downtown Argyle burned to the ground in 1895 in a fire which began in a dry goods store and swept through neighboring buildings. In 1910, a number of buildings were destroyed when a tornado ravaged the community.

Argyle Methodist Church – Founded in 1894

The railroad brought people, business and the mail to Argyle – and with people come churches. Rancher Henry Johns had a fine well frequented by travelers passing through the area. The well took on special significance in l884 as the water source for the annual “Brush Arbor Camp Meetings” sponsored by Prairie Mound Methodist Church. Today, a historical marker at Johns Well tells the story of its importance in the church life of the area. Over the years, the site, about two miles west of Methodist Hill, hosted many family reunions, praying, singing, repenting, playing, eating and recreation events each year to celebrate the end of harvest. Many years later, Prairie Mound Methodist Church became part of Argyle Methodist Church.

Argyle Methodist Church was chartered in 1894 with twenty-seven members. The first pastor was Reverend Blueford Henry Webster, a Methodist circuit rider from Mississippi. Early worship services for the congregation were conducted in the Argyle schoolhouse. In 1898, Church trustees purchased land atop “Methodist Hill” from the Texas and Pacific Railroad. The first sanctuary, a frame structure, was built soon afterward during the pastorate of Reverend J. R. Atchley who completed much of the carpentry work with the assistance of other church members. They drove six wagons to the Dallas planning mill to bring back lumber to build the pews. Two of the original pews remain in the church on Methodist Hill. In 1912 members acquired a parsonage on the northeast corner of Denton and Cypress Streets. Having a parsonage allowed the circuit riding minister to conduct Sunday morning services at his home church and then go in the afternoon to other churches.

The Graham Baptist Church, established in 1876, moved to Argyle in 1891. During the early years, neither the Methodists nor the Baptists in Argyle could afford a full time preacher, so the pulpit was filled one Sunday by a Methodist preacher, the next by a Baptist. “We all just went wherever they were holding the praying and singing,” according to one resident. For 78 years, Argyle Methodist shared a minister with other small congregations on a circuit.

Argyle Methodist Church Expands – Again and Again

Over the years, Argyle Methodist Church expanded. Adjoining property was acquired by trustees in 1947 and in 1973. A brick sanctuary was constructed in 1969 east of the original structure, and an education building was added in 1972. This enlarged sanctuary and the educational building with a permanent parsonage and growing congregation signaled the end of the circuit preacher. Ministers from then on were appointed to the Argyle United Methodist Church by the North Texas Annual Conference.

Argyle United Methodist Church  – Moving With Vision

Church membership continued to grow and, by the year 2003, the church had added three portable buildings and exhausted all means of expansion at its present location. A committee was formed to look at the needs of the church for the next 20 years. This committee laid the groundwork for a site selection committee to consider moving the church to a new campus. The church began acquiring land and, by 2005, had acquired six tracts comprising 20 contiguous acres on Highway 377 just a few miles to the north where it would develop a new campus. In 2006, the church voted to sell the existing church property on Methodist Hill to help fund future growth.

The first worship service in the new building was conducted on Palm Sunday, 2009. The first phase consist of 18,000 square feet – nearly two times the size of the church on Methodist Hill. The new structure includes a multipurpose worship space, nursery, kitchen, classrooms, restrooms and staff offices, as well as a large parking lot. Phase II, which broke ground early 2012, will provide classroom and worship space for children and youth ministries. Other phases for the campus will be developed in the years ahead to handle further church expansion.

From its humble beginnings over 100 years ago when 27 individuals followed God’s call to establish Argyle Methodist Church, today a new generation of faithful followers looks forward to a second hundred years of ministry and service to the Argyle community, by opening the doors of the new church campus to share God’s love with one another. Welcome to Argyle United Methodist Church.

(Compiled from church histories by Charlotte Guest and the Rev. George A. Lewis.)