As a part of Congregational Care, the Bereavement Ministry’s desire is to provide assistance, whether you are facing the death of a loved one or death comes unexpectedly. It is with this goal in mind that we have provided the following information to ease the stress of a most stressful time. If the opportunity presents itself, much of this can be accomplished more easily through talks with that loved one that is nearing death. If that is impossible, this information will still provide guidelines as you plan to honor and celebrate the life of that special person.

Plan ahead as much as possible by gathering favorite hymns, scripture(s), and type of service desired by the loved one.

Upon the death of your loved one contact the funeral home and contact Mary Ellen Burum at

Planning the Service

Determine the type of service:

  • Traditional funeral with casket and graveside service.

  • Memorial service.

  • Graveside service only.

  • Graveside service prior to memorial service.

Determine date, time and place of service. Scheduling memorials/funerals at Argyle UMC will be schedule based on activities on the church calendar and available clergy and staff. 

Meet with officiating minister and Bereavement Ministry Director to discuss order of service, songs and scripture selected, etc.

Decide whether flowers, a memorial gift, or a charitable donation is preferred. 

Determine whether or not a eulogy will be given (a eulogy is a speech or piece of writing that praises someone highly and typically used when someone has died). If a eulogy will be given, it is suggested to be no longer than five minutes, written in advance and practiced orally. If there will be words of remembrance spoken by family or friends. It is best for these to be written down in advance and if possible, no more than three persons speaking in order to uphold the sanctity of the service. 

Determine if a video slide presentation will a part of the service. Please limit to no longer than five minutes. 

Gather memorabilia and guest book.

Determine if refreshments are to be served following the service. If so, a light snack of cookies, fruit, coffee, etc. will be provided by the church.

Honorariums are appreciated for musicians, soloists, accompanists, and officiating pastor(s). 

Stephen Ministers (trained laity) are available to you during your time of bereavement. As you are adjusting to a new way of life without your loved one, we are here to help. Please allow us to comfort you during your time of pain with the help of a Stephen Minister. 

You are invited to attend a five week Grief Support Class held once or twice per year depending on the need. This is a safe environment where you will feel support, give support, learn coping skills, and become aware of some tools to help you learn from your grief and mourn in a way that is healthy.